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Cosmetic Dentistry

Liberty Township Cosmetic Dentistry by Dr. Patrick O. Flannery

Patrick O. Flannery, DDS, Inc. is proud to offer cosmetic services to West Chester, Liberty Township, Lakota School District, and the Greater Butler County Communities.  These services can be used to rebuild existing teeth, replace missing ones, or straighten your smile as needed. 

Some of our more common procedures that we provide include the following: 

Fillings, Crowns, and Veneers

A composite filling helps rebuild a tooth after a minor amount of decay. Made with a resin that matches the white color of healthy teeth, this type of filling can make your smile whole and bright once again. For these reasons, composite fillings tend to be more popular than dark, noticeable silver fillings.

If a tooth needs to appear brighter or reshaped, a porcelain veneer might be more appropriate. This thin layer of dental porcelain is placed over the front of the tooth and mimics the appearance of naturally healthy and white teeth. If the whole tooth needs to be restored after severe decay, however, a porcelain crown is the best option that our West Chester dentist can provide. Like a veneer, a crown made of dental ceramic matches the color and sheen of a naturally white tooth while protecting the tooth from further damage. 

Bridges, Dentures, and Dental Implant Restorations

Traditionally, if natural teeth could not be rebuilt and needed to be replaced, patients had to use traditional dentures or removable bridges. Though Dr. Flannery does offer these prosthetics, he has another option for teeth replacement: dental implants.

The implants themselves are titanium posts surgically placed into the jawbone. Resting on an implant, a dental prosthesis replaces the missing teeth. Because the posts work the same way tooth roots do, implant restorations do not feel clunky or interfere with the health of the neighboring teeth. While an oral surgeon or other qualified specialist carries out the surgical placement of the dental implants, Patrick O. Flannery, DDS, Inc. is able to provide the dental implant restorations.

These restorations can be a porcelain crown that replaces one tooth, a porcelain fixed bridge for a row of adjacent missing teeth, or an implant-supported denture for a full arch of teeth. Regardless of the restoration needed, with or without implants, Dr. Flannery can help you attain the smile you have always wanted. 


Straighter teeth not only look great, but they have several health benefits as well. Straight teeth are easier to clean at home and in the dental office, and a perfectly-aligned bite prevents the development of certain jaw disorders, like TMJ. If you’d like straighter teeth without having to wear noticeable braces, you’ll be happy to know that our West Chester dentist offers Invisalign®, a clear alternative to traditional orthodontics. 

Ready for a New Smile? 

The office of Patrick O. Flannery, DDS, Inc. provides cosmetic dental services to the communities of West Chester, Liberty Township, Mason, Hamilton, Fairfield Township, all of Lakota School District, all of Butler County, and the surrounding communities in the greater Cincinnati area. 

Contact Dr. Flannery if you have any additional questions or would like to schedule an appointment!

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