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Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Services in West Chester

Dental emergencies occur suddenly, and they require attention from your dentist that is just as immediate. ​Dr. Patrick O. Flannery, DDS, Inc. helps West Chester, Liberty Township, Lakota School District, and all other communities within Butler County, OH get emergency dental help when they need it!

We Provide Extended Hours for West Chester Families

For patients who may have experienced dental emergencies before, you might have had to undergo a waiting period until you could find a proper solution to your dental pain. Most dentists will try to see you as soon as possible if you call with a dental emergency during their normal hours. However, if your emergency strikes a little too late, then all a dentist will be able to do is give advice over an emergency number and maybe help with pain medication prescriptions (usually only for patients of record). You could then have to wait until the next business day until you get an appointment to fix your emergency.

Dr. Flannery and staff understand that situations like this are unfortunate, and so our Lakota School District dentist offers extended emergency hours and a prompt response time to help mitigate those situations. Calling during the extended or normal hours helps us see to your emergency more readily and easily, and it allows you to have more leeway in contacting us regarding severe dental pain, a knocked-out tooth, or other situations. Our prompt response time also makes sure that your emergency is seen as soon as possible, increasing the likelihood that your emergency is resolved in the most effective manner for preserving your oral health.
We cannot always be at our dental office, but our approach to resolving emergency treatments reduces the amount of time you would typically have to wait.

So What Emergency Services Do We Provide?

Some of the most common emergencies we face are knocked-out teeth and extreme pain due to tooth decay.

In the event of a tooth being knocked out of your mouth, a situation known medically as an avulsed tooth, Patrick O. Flannery, DDS, Inc. replants the tooth. Thanks to our extended hours and prompt responses, Dr. Flannery is usually able to replant the tooth for you during an emergency visit. However, in the few instances when Dr. Flannery would not be able to see you, he could walk you through the process for proper storage of the avulsed tooth until he could see you next.

If the tooth has decayed to the point of causing pain, our Butler County dentist could also perform an emergency root canal. Dr. Flannery performs all of his own root canal procedures, cleaning out the tooth’s infected pulp and protecting the tooth with a porcelain crown. In the event that a tooth cannot be saved by root canal therapy, then Dr. Flannery might be able to perform a simple extraction; complex or wisdom tooth extractions would need to be referred out to a specialist.

For these emergencies and others, Dr. Flannery and his staff provide prompt, lasting solutions.

Don't Wait--Contact Dr. Flannery if You Require Emergency Care!

Patrick O. Flannery, DDS, Inc. is proud to serve the emergency dental care needs of patients in Beckett Ridge and greater West Chester, Liberty Township, Lakota School District, and all of Butler County. If you have an oral health problem that requires immediate attention, call us immediately.

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